When should I look for outside assistance from a management consultant?

Clients typically call us because they have one or more of the following needs:

  1. ongoing coaching for the CEO and/or Senior Management Team
  2. an independent assessment to quickly get a grip on the state of the company at a point in time
  3. recommendations for specific actions that will improve the company’s performance
  4. to unravel and fix urgent matters that are damaging the company’s value
  5. to work directly with the management team, investors and/or the Board to implement a change program from the recommendations above (i.e. stay actively involved!)
  6. to support investors in managing their portfolio companies

We have found that senior management and/or Boards of successful companies know in their gut when the time is right to look for outside assistance. You know when:

  • your company is stuck – the business is consistently not meeting performance expectations
  • the team is stressed out
  • you are surrounded with people who cannot be objective or honest with you about the current situation