Working Sessions

We facilitate on- and off-site planning and diagnostic meetings of various size and scope.

Thinking, planning and brainstorming – without day-to-day distractions – is exceptionally productive for management teams, Boards of Directors/Advisors and significant investors. Whether simple or elaborate, frequent/infrequent, small or large group formats, offsite meetings enable idea generation and result in the implementation of significant initiatives.

On-site meetings, as long as they are carefully controlled for interruptions, can also generate significant ideas and performance improvement action plans.

Your People are Participants, not Facilitators

Management often wants and needs to be a participant, but not the facilitator, in highly interactive, business planning or diagnostic sessions. That’s where we can help. We have facilitated many meetings on topics such as strategic direction, sales/marketing planning, operational planning, new product discussions, business process analysis, or new management concepts/readings.

Strategy Working Sessions

The one or two day Strategy Working Sessions can: 1) jumpstart a comprehensive Strategy Development process; 2) update an already established plan; or 3) kick off a new strategic planning approach.  Our process is tailored to your needs but uses proven planning methods, templates and tools such as the classic SWOT exercise (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), customized forms of data analysis, and our easy to understand ‘Strategic Model’. Deliverables include: external assessment, key strategic initiatives, clarity on the business model, constraints, resource needs, growth alternatives and accountable action plans for your team. CONTACT US for more details and how to schedule a session. 

Where Are You?

Where Do You Want to Be?

9Stucks Quick Diagnostic

The 9Stucks Quick Diagnostic’s focus is performance improvement; the goal is to quickly identify the conditions that are causing your company to be stuck and to create action steps to fix them. We use our proprietary 9Stucks diagnostic model to guide the discussion.  The content/approach used in our more detailed Business Reviews is compressed into a one or two day interactive format. The detailed 9Stucks checklist examines leadership, planning methods, people/organizational structure/culture, industry dynamics, go-to-market tactics, competition, business model, financial condition, and systems/processes. CONTACT US for more details and how to schedule a session.


In all cases, we work with senior management to prepare for the meetings by going over content, agenda, timing, special issues, expected outcomes and follow up steps.

Let us help you plan and conduct your next meeting!