Fixing Stuck Companies

Our performance improvement work has gained notoriety for ‘fixing stuck companies’. Over many years and from many projects, Jim McHugh noticed that the diverse set of client companies had many similar, intertwined predicaments…he saw patterns.  These real-life, non-theoretical experiences validated that similar, recurring issues caused organizations to become (and stay) stuck.

Jim developed a dynamic diagnostic tool: 9Stucks.  It identifies nine distinct yet interrelated business challenges that cause a company to underperform. These nine stuck conditions negatively impact an organization’s performance, profits and value.

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Stuck defined = unrealized performance expectations

The definition of a stuck organization is simple. The Controlling Parties*, the employees, or the outside advisors (pick one or more) have not been satisfied with their organization’s overall performance for quite some time…performance expectations are not being met.  The Controlling Parties’ expectations may be high or low, and their behaviors surrounding these expectations can be rational or irrational.

* Controlling Parties fall in one or more groups: Board of Directors or Board of Trustees, significant investors, family owners, founder or the CEO.

Becoming stuck isn’t an instant event – it develops subtly over time. There is no on/off switch. Proactive steps can make a company more facile to meet challenges, preventing them from becoming stuck.  

What We Offer

We combine the 9Stucks diagnostic tool with a tailored process and delivery approach.  Our approach is further discussed here.

What it takes to complete a 9Stucks project

Fixing a stuck Company isn’t easy; the leaders of our clients have all had courage:

    • the courage to seek outside opinions, and
    • the courage to act

They also possess the diligence to stick with the process from initial commitment to final resolutions.

The diagnosis is critical

To fix a stuck company, an accurate diagnosis of the 9Stucks is essential before any meaningful change can take place.

Strong emotions, or being too close to a situation, can prevent management from grasping the specific issues that need to be systematically, objectively and collectively addressed…and then fix them.