Our cohesive, customized, integrated services target four simple, but important questions for our client companies and management teams.
    • What is the “business model” today and what is the business model of the future?
    • Is the company properly organized (ownership, management, people, systems, policies) to deliver this business model?
    • Is the company executing effectively (costs, services)?
    • How can the financial performance and shareholder value be optimized?

CEO Coaching

All of our project work has a significant coaching connection to the CEO and his/her team. We have worked with CEOs from a diverse range of companies in size, scope and industries.

Strategy and Planning

Strategy & Planning consists of an integrated set of actions an organization takes to maximize shareholder value.  Our experience, insight, and expertise help our clients craft their unique strategic path.

Performance Improvement

Our Performance Improvement work takes aim at the many variables that can negatively impact overall company performance.  You get an objective perspective that you may not hear from your own team.

Customized Workshops

We can facilitate on- and off-site Strategic Planning or 9Stucks Performance Improvement workshops of any size or scope. We work with senior management to prepare for the meetings by going over content, agenda, timing, special issues, expected outcomes and follow up steps. Let us help you plan and conduct your next meeting!