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I hope you will consider working with me.  Highlighted below are the services I offer in my consulting practice.  More detail about each type of interrelated service can be found on my company’s website (link to services page).

Since you are in the 9Stucks site, I’ll start with my activities related to ‘Performance Improvement’ (aka, ‘I Fix Stuck Companies’) and Workshops.

9Stucks Assessment

I have completed many comprehensive ‘9Stucks Assessments’. If CEOs, investors, and/or Boards are looking for an objective ‘fresh pair of eyes’ to help understand how overall performance can be improved, I can help.

My 9Stucks Assessment is a poking, prodding review of your business.  It is:

  • data driven, detailed and analytical (i.e. it’s not fluff)
  • comprehensive, candid and sometimes controversial

The process stimulates disruptive thinking and generates a number of practical recommendations that, if implemented, should have a positive impact on overall shareholder value. You get an objective perspective that you may not get from your own team.

Some examples of successful outcomes:

  • clarity on overall direction and focus
  • sharper business model
  • huge reduction in complexity
  • innovative go-to-market tactics
  • process bottlenecks identified and cleaned up
  • improved financial management
  • actions to increase profitability and cash flow
  • changes to the organizational structure
  • new or changed positions/people
  • dramatic increases in EBITDA

9Stucks Workshop

This is a ‘light’ version of the more detailed assessment project. You may not need to do an in depth review, or you may just want to start with a simpler process to get a number of issues surfaced for the management team to work on. If that’s the case, we will design a one or two day session (that I facilitate using the 9Stucks tools) with the management team (and Board, investors, whomever) at the company or at an offsite location.

This can be fun and productive.

Strategy and Planning

My assessment work has frequently identified the need for a new strategic direction, a new operational planning process or both. Similar to the 9Stucks Assessment work, the strategy/planning activities can be either ‘deep dives’ or short management workshops, depending on the need.

CEO Coaching

CEO Coaching is embedded in all the work noted above. My project approach is always ‘hands on’ with the CEO and the team. CEO Coaching is also something that can be done separately 1-1 between the CEO and me on a regular or as needed basis.

Please contact me to learn more.