‘Nearly Doubled EBITDA’

Based on the strength of diverse referrals, Jim was brought in to complete a strategic/operational/financial assessment of our mature, $40MM family owned manufacturing business. Through a bottoms up and top down assessment, engagement with employees at all levels of the organization, and market focused interviews, Jim put together a three year plan that was understandable, actionable, and motivational for the company.  He did so through an engaging, consensual, critical, and quietly provocative manner that earned the respect of both the board and management team. Following his assessment, Jim stayed connected with the company, moving to a board position, to help ensure that the longer term changes were followed through on.  During this time, the company has nearly doubled EBITDA, carried out significant changes to achieve higher manufacturing efficiency, and opened up new opportunity space to grow into. — Tim Cabot, Director, Privately-held Manufacturing Company