‘Earnest, Non-Threatening Demeanor’

I have tremendous respect for Jim McHugh’s professional skills and approach based on the valuable strategic analysis and insight he provided to our business.  He took the time to thoroughly understand our business from top to bottom, garnering important details and insight from all levels of the organization.  He has a very earnest, non-threatening demeanor that quickly put our team at ease in working with him and sharing information.  Jim then did a fabulous job of analyzing our customer base, including a detailed by-customer profitability analysis, and segmenting the information and presenting his analysis to influence our strategy and customer-focused operating plans.  His contributions as an important “second set of eyes” on our business provided our management team with the confidence to more aggressively develop and pursue customer-focused operating plans that were carefully aligned to our overall strategy.  Ultimately, these steps led to improved profitability and margins as we more strategically focused on our most profitable customers and business segments. — Robert Moore, President, privately-owned manufacturing company