Corporate Planning in a Diversified Multi-National

TypeStrategy Development
Quick Facts£1.5 billion diversified, multi-national (London-based), industrial products company. North American headquarters located in Massachusetts.
ChallengesThe company had grown significantly through numerous acquisitions of large and small companies located in Europe and the United States. A new CEO wanted a “fresh look” at the overall corporate strategy and the strategic issues facing each of the major divisions.
ApproachMcHugh & Company was hired by the US-based head of Corporate Development to design and lead a strategic review of the major business segments. This project involved working with senior management at corporate and the operating divisions to assist them in formulating a more focused plan for growth. The analysis for each division included:
  • Market Size and Growth Patterns
  • Industry: Structure, Value Chain and Attractiveness
  • Competitor Market Share and Market PositionCompetitor Strategies
  • Distribution Channels
  • Customer Needs
  • Financial Condition/Constraints
ResolutionEach division used the strategic planning analysis to present updated one and three year plans accompanied by new budgets. In addition, a new comprehensive acquisition and divestiture plan was created based upon the industry and competitive analysis contained in the plan.
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