Here are 4 Reasons to Contact Us:

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(1) To add leadership…

  • “We need a coach for the CEO and senior management team.”
  • “We need outside expertise to lead a strategic and operational planning process for the company.”
  • “We want you to work with management to facilitate a series of planning sessions.

(2) To provide an independent assessment… quickly understand the state of affairs and provide objective recommendations…

  • “Help us figure out what to do with the company. Where do we go from here… should we hold and grow or exit?”
  • “Give us an assessment of management.”
  • “The company is heading sideways and we want to stop the decline in performance. We’re not close enough to determine the causes; we think management is too close to be objective about the analysis.”

(3) To unravel and fix matters that require immediate attention…

  • “There’s too much emotion and conflict within our management team; we need a professional to help us get the facts and sort out the real issues.”
  • “Help us identify our ideal customers.”
  • “We need new ideas on how to restructure the sales and marketing groups for both divisions.”
  • “The management team needs help to restructure the overall operations
  • “Inventories have grown and we think there are multiple process and logistics issues that need immediate attention.”
  • “Why have we started losing money?”
  • “Cash is really tight… what can be done to free up cash?
  • “We have a cost problem, but can’t figure out the causes.”

(4)  To free up management time or limited personnel resources…

  • “We’re spending too much time on this portfolio company. We need someone we trust who can work closely with management on our behalf.”
  • “We want you to take on the industry and customer aspects of our due diligence review.”
  • “We don’t want management distracted from the day to day operations of the company.”

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