Private Equity/Venture Capital



We understand the delicate balance among management, a Board and outside investors. Because of our significant experience navigating those waters, we bring immediate value to a situation.

Working closely with investors and management

We have worked with private equity/venture capital funds in what could be characterized as an “operating partner” role. The portfolio companies ranged from very mature, slow-growth, industrial manufacturers to young, emerging-growth companies that were on an upward trajectory.

In addition, Jim McHugh has served as a Director at companies where investment groups and/or angel investors had majority control.

You want to bring in a consultant…?

At the beginning of an engagement, we have found that outside consultants are either:

  • welcomed with open arms by management…
  • accepted, but with a skeptical view by management…or
  • met with hostility from a threatened management team

We’ve experienced all three circumstances.

Obviously, tension and conflict at the beginning of the engagement add to the operational challenges that need to be addressed.

By applying the principles in the Companies, Clients, Approach page, we are able to gain the respect and trust of the stakeholders, management team and employees and work towards satisfying the goals and expectations set at the beginning of the project.