Our work encompasses a wide range of industries, sizes of businesses, and geographies. The graphic below illustrates of the industry sectors we have served.

Are we the right fit for you?

Regardless of the size/industry/location of an organization, we believe all companies face similar challenges and opportunities that differ in intensity and complexity.  Obviously, those opportunities and challenges are impacted by external forces (e.g. industry dynamics, competitive forces, global events). If you and your organization are facing challenges or planning for future growth, we probably have ‘been there and done that’.

Occasionally, we have people looking for a consultant who ‘specializes’ only in their particular industry.  While industry  knowledge is important, we strongly believe it is often beneficial for companies to get an ‘outside perspective’…a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ that is not insular to only one particular industry sector.  Given the wide range of industries where we have had success, we think that philosophy works. Not all our prospective clients feel the same way.

If we don’t feel that we are the right organization to help you, we will let you know that right away.  We have a broad network of advisors who work with us and we may be able to help you find the ‘right fit’.