Company, Clients, Approach

McHugh & Company is a business strategy and performance improvement management consulting firm.  We offer strategic, operational, and financial expertise to senior management and shareholders in middle market and emerging growth companies.

Our work encompasses a wide range of industries and size of companies.  We believe all companies may face similar growth challenges that differ in intensity and complexity.  Our aim is to deconstruct these challenges and help management confront them logically, with the appropriate sense of urgency. We have a proven track record of boosting performance and preventing stuck organizations from spiraling out of control.

The Firm’s Personality and Working Style

You receive innovative ideas and real value for your investment of time and money.  Our relationship with you will be based on the highest degree of trust, integrity and confidentiality. We are:

  • Optimistic:  Energizing management and employees
  • Realistic:  Setting achievable goals and strategies
  • Communicative:  Listen, listen, listen, then respond
  • Comprehensive:  Never leave a stone unturned
  • Creative:  We love to think and problem solve
  • Analytical:  We unravel disjointed, intricate data and conditions, pull out the nuggets and make the connections that establish buy-in between management and shareholders

Our Clients

Many of the companies were doing very well when we started working together; others were stuck.  We do not work with companies that are severe workouts with no hope of revival.

Our Approach

Each situation and set of needs is unique, and therefore each client is approached with a responsive, fresh attitude.

Whether working one-on-one with the CEO, or with a team of employees or investors, we feel we have a unique ability to sense the best way to approach the project and each person involved in order to achieve maximum results in a minimum amount of time.

We are are able to come in as the ‘fresh pair of eyes’ and bring together the diverse perspectives of employees, management, and shareholders. We actively listen, treat people with respect, have a passion for the exchange of ideas and the problem-solving aspects of our work.  We are comfortable working at all levels in an organization from the shop floor to the board room.

A number of our clients have specifically commented on our approach, working style, and results.  Their comments can be read on the  the testimonials page. These bullets are extracted from that page:

  • …absolute objectivity and ability to stand outside the box
  • …took the time to thoroughly understand our business from top to bottom
  • …dug in deep, got to know our key employees
  • …quickly put our team at ease…easy-going style fostered the implementation of recommendations throughout the company
  • …loop back methodology of discussion, data analysis, and discussion proved very effective
  • …extremely effective in optimizing strategy discussions among senior management teams
  • …ability to successfully facilitate and involve peer groups or management teams