Jim McHugh Bio

Business owners want their company to be at the top of its game…when it is not, they need someone who can quickly help them diagnose why their organization is not performing up to expectations, and recommend what can be done to fix it.

Jim McHugh believes deeply in helping others achieve excellence in their organizations. As an entrepreneur himself he understands the weight of responsibility and decision-making that C-Suite executives and Boards face each day. Jim has been summoned countless times by CEOs, investors, family owners and Directors of companies in a variety of industries to be their confidant and a ‘fresh pair of eyes’.

Since forming McHugh & Company in 1992, Jim has designed and directed highly complex strategic and operational performance improvement engagements in both small and large organizations.

Experience matters

In addition to his work as a CEO coach, business strategy and performance improvement consultant, Jim has broad, senior, general management experience in middle market and emerging growth companies as an operating executive, a member of multiple Boards of Directors, and has served in management roles as a CEO and CFO.

Commitment matters

Jim also offers his coaching services pro bono to start-ups through non-profit incubators in Massachusetts. He coaches CEO’s at monthly peer group forums and nine years ago founded a monthly breakfast group of senior executives and professionals who meet to discuss topics around the broad theme of corporate development. Jim is ‘in the loop’, ever present with deep experiences to draw upon, but also on the cutting edge of  new ideas and technology.

Results matter

A number of case studies highlight how Jim’s recommendations and follow-through have produced substantial enhancements in strategic focus, operating performance, profitability, and shareholder value. People speak highly of him as a person, and his work.


People who call on Jim McHugh are people who are optimistic, who know their organization could be more profitable, more successful, more energetic, but they are not sure how to get from here to there and need some help. They have courage, and they want an advisor with a depth and breadth of knowledge about people, businesses, and what makes them tick.


Jim’s passions outside of work include family life (married 38 years with two grown daughters), running, reading, and writing.  Until she passed away in September, 2012, Jim’s best silent friend and confidant was the family’s Golden Retriever, Heidi.

Jim is soft-spoken, intuitive, analytical and a person with integrity; he doesn’t waste time or resources. One of his favorite phrases is “It is what it is” because he believes in facing the current issues head on.

He’s also not averse to giving people a kick in the pants if that’s what they need, but he (might) do so with a twinkle in his eye. If Jim takes you on as a client, he will build trust, and bring ideas, loyalty, confidentiality, commitment and completion to the project.

Jim grew up in a middle class home, played sports, and showed leadership qualities from a young age. He approaches people with humility, and therefore he is able to engage with and garner cooperation from every person in the organization up to the CEO and Board of Directors.

Education and Professional Certification

Graduated with an AB in Economics from Bowdoin College and an MBA from The Amos Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth College. Earned a CPA early in his career.

Professional and Community Involvement

Former Director Boston Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth. Co-Founder, Former Director and Treasurer: Concord-Carlisle Patrons of Performing Students, Inc. , a non-profit parent support group that sponsors multiple events for school chorus and drama programs. Founder: The Concord Vine, a monthly breakfast group of operating executives, private investors, corporate development professionals and attorneys. Various coaching roles in youth team sports.

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