McHugh & Company, Inc. is a corporate strategy and performance improvement consulting firm. We offer strategic, operational, financial, and human capital expertise to the top management and shareholders of middle market, corporate division, and emerging growth sectors.

Our work encompasses a wide range of industries and sizes of businesses because regardless of the size/industry of an organization, we believe all underperforming companies face similar challenges that differ in intensity and complexity.  Our aim is to deconstruct these challenges and help management take them on logically with the appropriate sense of urgency.  We have a proven track record of boosting performance and preventing ‘stuck’ organizations from spiraling out of control.

CEO’s, Senior Management, Shareholders, Investors and their Advisors call on us when the organization is ‘stuck’.  We are not called in when there is no hope of revival.  We are called upon by optimists to help management teams deliver the solid results all controlling parties and the employees want to see.  We work with the CEO/COO, Senior Management, outside investors, employees or whatever team is required to cross the finish line and achieve the best results possible.

Our cohesive, integrated approach generates practical recommendations that deliver results.

The company was founded by Jim McHugh in 1992.

Jim also maintains a lively 9Stucks educational and interactive blog.  If you are visiting here for the first time, we highly recommend you check it out!